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Adolescent Therapy

Adolescents sometimes behave in ways that disturb and confuse parents, teachers and sometimes even their friends.  Sometimes it is a passing stressor that leads to their problematic behavior. 

Sometimes, however, their troubling behavior does not resolve with the passing of a current stressor but seems to have a life of its own unrelated to a passing problem.  As the difficulty prolongs, puzzlement and worry transition to frustration, anger, guilt and shame for adults and teen alike as all struggle to understand the problem. 

Parents and school personnel may begin to wonder 'Why is this happening and what can be done about it?' The adolescent may themselves become frustrated in the struggle to comprehend the difficulty they are having and find a resolution to the problem.  A very confused cycle of blaming and helplessness, may ensue between teen, parent and school that threatens to derail any attempts to work together to help their teenager/student find solutions that work. 

The overarching goal of therapy with adolescents is the modification of psychological roadblocks so he or she can resume their psychological development in order to grow emotionally and acheive their full potential.

Examples of adolescent problems therapy commonly helps:

  • Anxiety.                                                                    
  • Depression.
  • Eating Disorders.
  • Behavioral problems.
  • Parent/child conflict.
  • Grief / mourning.
  • Sexual identity issues.
  • Substance abuse issues.
  • Academic underacheivement.
  • Parenting problems.
  • Anger management. 
  • Difficulty transitioning from childhood to adolescence.
  • Difficulty transitioning from adolescence to adulthood
  • Stage of life issues related to adolescent development (e.g., emerging sexuality, independence, etc).

What is the role of parents during adolescent therapy?

Parents are the most important adults in the lives of their adolescents.  That central position is key during therapy with the adolescent.  Regular communication between the therapist and parent(s) or other responsible adults is essential.  In the case of an adolescent, ongoing regular visits between parent(s) and therapist may or may not occur, depending on the individual situation.

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